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It was actually the starting of a lottery revolution in India when the communist government of Kerala introduced lottery as an another source of government income. From the time being, the majority of men are enthusiastic about the winning ticket numbers that get published every day and they are always in search for today’s Kerala lottery results. In this blog, ‘Kerala lottery result today’, we will update the latest kerala lotteries result daily.

The revenue has increased from mere 20 lakhs in 1967 to a whopping 3793 crores in 2013-2014. The idea was from the then Finance Minister of  the Kerala, Shri. P. K.Kunju Sahib. Today, it acts as a poverty eradicator for the poor and common and an extra source of income for the government.

The state now hosts 7 weekly lotteries which include Winwin, Akshaya, Pratheeksha, Bhagyanidhi, Dhanasree, Karunya and Pournami. The objectives of starting it were to provide employment to the needful and to grab extra financial aid without disturbing the general public.

The Weeklies

Draws are carried out every day as there is 7 weekly. Winwin, Karunya, Dhanasree,  Pratheeksha, Akshaya, Bhagyanidhi and Pournami draws are being carried out once every week.

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Kerala Backwaters, beauty and now lotteries too?

Kerala is well known for her natural beauty and has always attracted national and foreign visitors.  Its lotteries have got it’s fame among other states of India and many has followed our state blindly.

Sikkim state lotteries were once popular in the state and has similarities in origin and propagation of the state’s one. The state’s one stands above all other game of chances due to its social behaviour and transparency. Size has grown to such a height that near to 10 lakhs tickets are being distributed every week.

A Small Picture Of Offices!

Kerala Lottery department which started off with a few personals has nearly to 500 employees today under the State directorate which is located at Vikas Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram and 14 district offices. A sub-lottery department is functioning at Ernakulam and Punalur, Thamarassery and Kattappana are the center of 3 taluk offices.  The department comes under Tax Department Of Kerala.

Wish To Start A Agency?

Presently starting a lottery agency has been simplified to submitting a form along with 2 passport size photos. Anyone who is above 18 can apply for Agency which includes a fee of just 200 Rs.  Applications should be submitted to District Lottery Offices or Directorate at Trivandrum. Approved agencies can apply for the Lottery Agents Welfare Fund Scheme of Kerala Government. More details are available in the official website.

Kerala Lottery Draw Procedure!

Nowadays lottery draw is taking place as transparent as possible and is always a trademark of Kerala lotteries. There is no particular venue for the draw and it always take place in the presence of authorities including the respective MLA. Lottery results are shown simultaneously on the screen available.

The conventional method of drums and plastic purses was in existence till 2011 and now the department has started to use electricity driven mechanical machines. Mechanical machines come along with a higher amount of transparency compared to the conventional type.

Why Arguments To Ban Kerala Lotteries?

Kerala lotteries are addicting in nature and the hope and dream of Keralites to become rich is never ending. They are offering a return of up to 20000 times the investment. In the hope of getting this 20000 times the investment, not many care to lose 50 Rs or less. Even though one 50 Rs ticket won’t affect anyone’s life, the continuation of this habit would end up in unexpected problems. High returns induce gambling tendency among the poor and bankrupt large sections of low-income populations.

“Two persons (the one who ran the lottery and the one who won the cow, as prize) gained without doing any work, and gained at the expense of the ninety-nine who lost their money. Thus, those who say that lotteries are advantageous to the people are simply practising deceit on the people.”  Lenin, The Communist

But in reality banning lottery is like banning alcohol. Trading will happen underground with the help of police officers and corrupted politicians as people are ready to buy them at any cost to check their luck. Banning on the state of Karnataka ended up in the same problems where money gets multiplied in the pockets of officers.

An another point to be noted is that lottery business still remains the source of employment to many of youth and disabled persons. If the left parties wish to ban, they will have to bear the tears of a large crowd of lottery result searches too!

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